Another art scam.

Posted by Michael Best on August 31, 2014 0 Comments

Art scams are not new and the Internet has not been helpful by making it easier for scammers to reach more artists. If you have an art web site you have almost certainly received unsolicited email offers to buy your art. If you have not yet received these emails, it will just be a matter of time until you do. Usually they come with several red flags.

For example, here is one currently making the rounds. Can you spot the red flags?

"Subject: Botanical Art Reply-To: Nicholas Parry <>

Dear Artist    My name is Nicholas, am interested in purchasing your Botanical Art. I most confess to you that I have searched through numerous website when searching for Botanical Art online. but your works attract my attention. I will like to know if you still have any works for sale,with more picture or current web site.your works will be donated to an orphanage home in United kingdom and cheque payment will be remitted to you for further proceeding. Best Regard Nicholas."

See the red flags? Dear Artist (no name), bad English to the point of being gibberish, the implausible 'orphanage home' tear-jerker and the improbable name 'Nicholas Parry.' But even if perfectly composed in perfect English, unsolicited emails offering to buy your art should always be researched. For instance, if you Google 'Nicholas Parry art fraud' you will find information to confirm that this is indeed a scam. I have found that by the time I become aware of these emails they have already been identified as scams by various web sites that monitor these things. You just have to do your homework.

It is sad, but true, that artists who sell their work have to be on their guard all the time. Unsolicited buying enquiries should be carefully researched but, in any case, I would suggest that you never part with a painting until the money is safely in your bank account without any possibility of the cheque bouncing or the PayPal payment being reversed.

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