A wild orchid in Puglia.

Posted by Michael Best on April 18, 2015 0 Comments

Jane Maycock of Bermuda has been attending Margaret Best’s workshop in Puglia this week. 

On a walkabout on the first day with Guiliano, owner of the Masseria, Jane found a patch of wild tongue orchids native to the region. With Guiliano’s permission she was able to pot one of the orchids in bloom with a plan to return it to its former location after she had painted it. 

Serapias parviflora grows to around four to twelve inches high and bears from three to eight flowers in a column. The species is also native to other European countries across the Mediterranean basin from the Iberian peninsula to the Aegean Sea. It flowers for a brief period toward the end of April into early May, presenting a perfectly timed opportunity to capture it at this workshop.

Jane is a member of the Orchid Society of  Bermuda and is looking forward to sharing this experience when she gets back home.

Jane Maycock at work in the studio with Serapias parviflora:


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