Waterton Wild Flower Festival - the best display of blossoms so far.

Posted by Michael Best on July 02, 2015 0 Comments

This was the twelfth and, by all accounts, the best Waterton Wild Flower Festival.  The weather was great, the animals did not disappoint (I saw ten bears, two foxes, two coyotes, deer and lots of birds) and, oh yes, the flowers were plentiful and spectacular.

Thanks to an early Alberta spring this year the hillside on the Russells' Hawk's Nest Ranch just outside the park from where we borrowed the in situ live specimens for the botanical art workshops, was awash in blossoms. In addition to an assortment of blue, yellow, red, and white indigenous flowers, there seemed to be a white Mariposa Lily every few inches. And an army of  Brown-eyed Susan's seemed to be keeping watch over everyone.

All of this did not escape the notice of authors Ian Wilson and Jacinthe Lavoie who are spending the summer in Waterton documenting the flowers, animals and scenery for their second book on Waterton. It should hit the shelves in February. Their first book on Waterton, Wild Flowers of Waterton Park, is still in heavy demand (scroll down to an earlier post for information on how to order it). 

Ian Wilson's shot of Brown-eyed Susans taken during the festival . . .



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