Winter in Canada and your botanical art specimens are under a meter of snow?

Posted by Michael Best on November 25, 2015 0 Comments

The Canadian winter wasn't designed with botanical artists in mind, was it? But wait, at this time of the year there are plenty potted Hippeastrums (Amaryllis) to be found in the stores. They're interesting botanical art specimens all the way from their bulbs up to their colourful, exotic flowers.

If you get them early enough you can do a series of drawings at various stages of development from just the bulb through to the plant in full bloom. It may be a bit too late to catch the bulb just stirring into life, but you should still be able to catch it at a few stages before flowering.

Yes, there would be more specimen choices if you were in say South Africa or Australia right now, but you have Hippeastrums to draw and they have no chance of a white Christmas - so who should be envious of whom?


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